So about that…

I thought I would be able to keep up but it seems that the Poetry Fairy didn’t visit me as often as I was hoping (plus I was on vacation last week and this week my brain was filled with snot and other sicky stuffs >.<).

I will try again next year and maybe I’ll be able to keep better track of NaPoWriMo (and not be sick). But I should still be posting poems every once in a while so keep an eye out! Hope you all enjoyed what I had managed write this year before life got in the way of things. :)

See ya next time!

Seasonal Spats

Like two feuding siblings

    Winter still backlashes at his sister

Poor, flowy Spring.

    Her intentions are well met

Bring life into the air

    And greener pastures will come due!

But Winter is a stubborn fool –

    Still not wanting to relinquish power

To his lighter, brighter sister.

    His greed brings back

The cool touch of death in the air

    To slow life as we know it

To buckle back down

    And to fear the white falling from the skies!

But, alas, she comes through –

    Speaking consolingly to him

“Your turn is up, dear Brother –

    It is time again to bring the world anew!”

She puts him to sleep –

    calms down his tantrums.

With the help of sister Summer,

    Spring washes away

Winter’s gloom.

A Sea Quest

In this maiden Voyage,

A quest to find my Hero/Heroine –

If I Fall for the quakes

    of the rolling sea,

I plea with you – my crew –

    Stop Staring at Me.

For a blind harpist I desire –

the Carolan’s Concerto –

    and all the rest
      that may come to me.

Inspired by yesterday’s prompt from NaPoWriMo: “take any random song play list (from your iPod, CD player, favorite radio station, Pandora or Spotify, etc.) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem.”

Love Poem

Come to me
In Sweet Reverie
For I may hold your face
Beneath the sky light.

You are everything
I wanted to be
The opposite half of myself
Standing forever by my side.

I wish – and wait! –
For the day to come
That you take me away –
Sweet me off my feet! –

Into our lasting embrace we stand
Finalized by a ring
Upon our delicate fingers
Letting Forever come with a smile.